Indigenous Employment

The Northern Territory Public Sector (NTPS) strives to have a workforce which more closely represents the community it serves.  With this in mind one such community group that can play a stronger role in the NTPS, both through harnessing the potential of current employees and increasing the representation in the workforce is Indigenous Australians.

Indigenous Australians represent approximately 30% of the Territory's population and the employment of Indigenous Australians in the NTPS workforce continues to increase gradually, as of June 2016 Indigenous employment was at 10 percent.

The Indigenous Employment and Career Development Strategy 2015 – 2020 brings together a range of new and existing initiatives that will assist agencies to grow the NTPS Indigenous workforce and meet the Northern Territory Government’s commitment of 16 per cent Indigenous employment by 2020.

A public sector which has a healthy representation of Indigenous Australians is good for business and puts the sector in a greater position to better serve the community through culturally appropriate programs, policy development and service delivery strategies.

Not only will an increase in the representation of Indigenous Australians improve the way the NTPS deliver its services, the opportunities for employment is significant given it is one of the largest employers in the Territory.

The Office of the Commissioner of Public Employment (OCPE) developed this Indigenous Employment Portal to provide more information on Indigenous employment and career development in the NTPS. Click on the below icons to be redirected to the area of interest.