Information for selection panels

Standard recruitment and selection policies and procedures now exist in the NTPS. They are meant to streamline and improve the quality of selection processes in the government.

Selection panels must be familiar with the Whole of Government NTPS Recruitment and Selection Policy.

Simplified recruitment initiative

The most significant changes under Simplified Recruitment are:

Job Description Template

The Commissioner for Public Employment has issued a Determination (Number 3 of 2015) with specifications for a uniform NTPS Job Description DOCX (65.2 KB). It retains the requirement to limit the JD to one page, but allows more flexibility in writing the content of the JD.

The wording in job descriptions must accurately reflect the requirements of the job, and should be written in simple and concise language to encourage applicants to apply. Agencies are encouraged to review their JD’s prior to “cutting and pasting” them onto the new letter head.

Shortened Job Applications

Applications will be limited to a one page information (summary) sheet with an attached resume. For further details and examples of how job applications might look see the “Information for Applicants” section of this website.

Training for Selection Panel Members

By 30 September 2015 all selection panel members must, unless there are unusual reasons, have undertaken merit selection training approved or offered by OCPE, either in person or through an eLearning course to be available on or before 30 June 2015.

Selection Reports

To provide more meaningful feedback to applicants, and to make NTPS selection decisions clear and transparent, information about the successful applicant’s merit and the reasons why they were selected will be provided to all applicants on a document “Summary of Selected Applicant’s Merit” which will be attached to the standard DCIS letter advising of the outcome.

Simplified Recruitment Procedure

The following provides an overview of the Simplified Recruitment procedure

Templates and Information Sheets

Through use of the Simplified Recruitment templates – most of which contain detailed instructions – selection panels will find that selection processes can proceed quickly, efficiently, effectively and with a high level of satisfaction from applicants and selection panels alike.

Information sheet – what is the merit principle? DOC (115.5 KB)

Required Selection Templates

Selection panels must record their selection recommendation on the Whole of Government Selection Report template. An example template, with instructions, has also been prepared, to assist you in completing your selection report.

  • Whole of Government Selection Report 1 is the blank template ready for populating.
  • Whole of Government Selection Report 2 is a template with instructions and examples and is recommended for first time users.

Optional Selection Templates

Selection panel may also find it useful to use the following templates and guidelines during a selection process. These documents are optional and provided to assist panels.

Last updated: 09 July 2021

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