Bulletin 3 - Negotiations continue - issued 16 September 2021

I am pleased to report that negotiations are progressing well with representatives from my office and Department of the Attorney-General and Justice/Northern Territory Correctional Services meeting with United Workers Union and their delegates on a weekly basis.

Negotiations involve the parties working through claims, including the employer’s proposals to understand the issues and identify any cost implications or savings for NT Government.

Negotiations have been constructive with all parties actively engaging in discussions with the aim of reaching a proposed new agreement for employees to vote on.

Lump sum payments and more benefits

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As previously reported I am proposing:

  • $4000 over 4 years (plus employer superannuation guarantee where applicable)
  • more benefits to employees to support work life balance and employees with caring responsibilities (eg. a range of new paid leave options)
  • moving the majority of leave related by-laws into the enterprise agreement (eg. leave without pay, miscellaneous leave, release to attend as a witness, attend arbitration business, and defence service leave).

Further details of my proposals are outlined in Correctional Officers - Bulletin 2.

I acknowledge the union claim for salary increases however, the current salary rates and term and conditions of employment, and improvements being prosed including $1000 lump sum payment per annum, are competitive to support correctional officers over the next 4 years.

Salaries and CPI

The graph below shows the percentage increases to correctional officer base salaries compared to the percentage increase to the Darwin CPI.

Since 2010, correctional officer salaries have increased by 17.9 percentage points more than the cumulative increases in the CPI over the same period. The graph shows that correctional officer salaries will be maintained for the next 4 years, and in addition employees will receive the proposed $4000 in payments (plus superannuation where applicable) during this time.

Correctional Officer salary vs Darwin CPI

Have your say – your feedback is important

The parties will continue to work constructively over the coming months to finalise a proposed new agreement. Should you wish to express a view on the proposals or make a suggestion, you can provide your feedback to me by emailing enquiries.ocpe@nt.gov.au.

More information

Regular updates in relation to the correctional officer bargaining process will be posted on the OCPE website. Information on bargaining in general can be obtained on the Fair Work Commission website or you can call their information line on 1300 799 675.

Vicki Telfer PSM
Commissioner for Public Employment
September 2021

Last updated: 27 April 2022

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