Bulletin 4 - Improved proposals - issued 26 October 2021

The parties have been meeting on a weekly basis and have now worked through each of the claims and proposals put forward by the parties. The parties will continue to work through any outstanding matters that are still being considered.

In addition to my original proposal in Bulletin 2, I am pleased to report that I am offering further significant improvements to terms and conditions of service for employees.

The table below is a summary of key improvements.


  • Improved condition - Wages Policy
    Should there be  a change to the Wages Policy during the term of the Agreement that provides for additional benefits above those contained in this offer (such as an increase to salaries above the value of the lump sum payment) these will be passed on through a determination.
  • New condition - Christmas closedown leave
    Employees will be entitled to 3 days paid leave (based on the ordinary weekly hours) in lieu of NTPS Christmas closedown provisions. This will need to be utilised within 12 months.
  • Improved condition -  allowances
    Continue CPI increases to existing allowances listed in Determination Number 1 of 2021 (relevant to the Agreement). The allowances will not reduce if the Darwin CPI decreases.
  • Improved condition - job security
    No involuntary redundancies for the term of the agreement (does not apply to redeployees listed on the OCPE Redeployment Database for longer than 2 years).
  • Improved condition - further improvements to leave provisions
    Parental Leave:
    • Improvements to payment of employer superannuation guarantee contributions (SG) during the first 12 months of parental leave.
    • SG paid during paid and unpaid partner leave provided the employee’s spouse is also an NTPS employee.
    • SG paid at double the legislated rate during a period of paid primary caregiver leave or special maternity leave (stillbirth).
  • Union delegate training leave:
    Remove the current 12 month service requirement to enable access to paid union delegate training earlier.
  • Improved condition - kinship obligation leave
    5 days paid leave to attend Sorry Business or related purposes and a definition of kinship to be included in the Agreement.
  • Improved condition - Dispute settling procedures
    Disputes relating to refusals for requests for flexible work or to extend parental leave will be able to be referred to arbitration (currently exempt from conciliation or arbitration).
  • Improved condition - $1000 lump sum payment
    This will be paid to employees who are on leave without pay for up to 4 weeks (in addition to employees being employed on the date the Fair Work Commission approve the enterprise agreement).
  • New condition -  Casual conversion rights
    A signpost that an employee’s rights and an employer’s obligations to offer conversion from casual employment to full-time or part-time is provided for in the NES.
  • Improved condition -  Infectious Disease leave
    Provides for where an employee suffers an injury or disease in the course of their employment, they may be eligible for workers compensation.
  • Improved condition - Safe and healthy work environment
    Provides a commitment to supporting sector-wide guidelines to ensure work, health and safety of employees and for all employees to be granted reasonable unscheduled short rest breaks during work hours to ensure safe systems of work.
  • Retained condition - Emergency leave
    Entitlement to 3 days emergency leave will be retained (original proposal was to reduce to 2 days)
  • Commitment - NTPS Aboriginal Employment and Career Development
    A sign post in the EA acknowledging the NTPS Aboriginal Employment and Career Development Strategy for 2021 – 2025 is a key policy initiative.

As a number of the improvements above have cost implications it was necessary to review my original proposal dated 21 June 2021 to identify some offsets. My improved offer is amended as follows:

  • modify paid Health Screening Leave to provide 1 hour (not 2) per year (noting this amendment is still double the existing entitlement which is 1 hour every 2 years for cancer screening); and
  • withdrawal of the Transition to Retirement proposal (2 hours/year leave). Employees may still TOIL or leave for this purpose.

Have your say – your feedback is important

The parties will continue to work constructively over the coming months to finalise a proposed new agreement.  Should you wish to express a view on the proposals or make a suggestion, you can provide your feedback to me by emailing enquiries.ocpe@nt.gov.au

More information

Regular updates in relation to the Correctional Officer bargaining process will be posted to the OCPE website.  Information on bargaining in general can be obtained on the Fair Work Commission website or you can call their information line on 1300 799 675.

Vicki Telfer PSM
Commissioner for Public Employment
October 2021

Let’s stick together and keep job security.

Last updated: 27 April 2022

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