Bulletin 7 - Formal offer by the Commissioner for Public Employment - Issued 6 December 2021

I am pleased to advise that on 6 December 2021, I made an offer to settle the NTFRS enterprise agreement negotiations.

We have worked hard and listened to your feedback to arrive at a balanced offer, which seeks to provide good improvements for all employees.

The table below summarises the details of the offer. See full details on the offer.

New offer

Summary of the offer

$10 000 over 4 years (plus employer superannuation guarantee)

  • $4 000 lump sum (gross) once the agreement is approved
  • $2 000 lump sum (gross) in November 2022, 2023, 2024
  • Counts for superannuation (excluding for Defined Benefit schemes - NTGPASS/CSS)

NEW Christmas Closedown Leave

  • A new entitlement providing paid Christmas Closedown Leave to cover the working days between Christmas and New Year’s day for day workers). Shiftworkers will be able to bank 3 days (22.8 hours) of Christmas closedown leave.

Employee rights and entitlements

  • No reduction to current or future employee rights and entitlements as provided in the By-laws and Determinations.
  • Conditions will not be varied without consultation and agreement.

CPI Allowances

  • Continue Darwin CPI Increases on allowances listed in Determination Number 1 of 2021 relevant to the enterprise agreement. The allowances will not reduce if the Darwin CPI decreases.

Improved condition Job security

  • No involuntary redundancies for the term of the Agreement (does not apply to redeployees greater than 2 years)

Commitment if changes in the wages policy

  • Should there be a change to the Wages Policy during the term of the Agreement that provides for additional benefits above those contained in this offer (such as an increase to salaries above the value of the lump sum payment) these will be passed on through a determination

Improvements to leave provisions

  • Compassionate leave
    • Increased from 3 to 5 days in the case of death or life threatening illness of an immediate family member
    • new provision for 3 days paid leave on the occasion of the death of an extended family member (aunt, uncle, cousin) or in the case of miscarriage
  • Domestic and family violence leave provisions (currently uncapped access to miscellaneous leave)
    • extended to include sexual violence outside the domestic setting
  • By-Law leave provisions included in the Agreement (e.g. emergency leave, defence service, leave without pay).  A new clause will also clarify that where relevant, the PSEMA By-Laws apply to NTFRS
  • NAIDOC leave. Up to 3 hours of paid leave p.a. to attend a NAIDOC march and approved activities
  • Gender Transition leave
    • Support for eligible employees who are transitioning their gender
    • access up to 12 months leave, inclusive of 4 weeks paid and 48 weeks unpaid leave
  • Health Screening leave
    • 1 hour paid leave per year for the purpose of undertaking a health screening test associated with a public health screening program
  • Improved war service leave to recognise injury resulting from war-like service
  • Improved leave for voluntary emergency management activities includes reasonable rest time
  • Kinship Obligation Leave – 5 days paid leave to attend ‘Sorry Business’ or related purposes

Improvements for parents

  • Builds on current generous paid parental leave provisions (14 weeks after 12 months service, 18 weeks after 5 years services)
  • Improvements to payment of employer superannuation guarantee contributions (SG) during the first 12 months of parental leave:
    1. SG paid during paid and unpaid Partner Leave provided the employee’s spouse is also an NTPS employee
    2. SG paid at double the legislated rate during a period of paid Primary Caregiver leave or Special Maternity Leave (stillbirth)
  • Expanded definition of ‘continuous service’ under Parental Leave
  • New pre-natal leave provision
    • up to 8 hours leave for pregnancy related medical appointments
  • Improved provision for employees returning from parental leave
    • right to return on a part-time basis for at least 6 months, where the employee so choses (replacing ‘right to request’)
  • Foster and Kinship carer leave
    • improved to provide 2 days paid leave to attend permanent care order interviews
  • Pre-adoption leave
    • improved to provide paid leave to attend interviews or examinations required in order to obtain approval for the employee’s adoption of a child

Flexible work improvements

  • Ability to purchase up to 8 weeks additional leave per year
  • Only CEOs will have the authority to refuse an employee’s request to work from home

Career Pathway

  • Provisions will be retained and current working group will continue to work on further developing career paths

Accelerated Recruitment Program (ARP)

  • Commitment to review and enhance the ARP to include re-appointees

Higher Duties Allowance (HDA)

  • Improved access to HDA to address operational issues backfilling District Officer Vacancies. This will allow officers at the substantive Station Officer classification to act as District Officer.

Dispute Settling Procedures

  • Removal of the current exemptions regarding refusals for flexible work or to extend parental leave.

Leave Roster

  • Introduction of 13 month annual leave roster
  • New provision enabling employees to apply for unrostered leave for any period (subject to minimum staffing) in addition to rostered leave

Relinquishment of rank

  • Improvements to the provisions to provide “Rank will not officially be relinquished, nor will any relinquishment be processed until the merit selection process for the advertised vacancy in question has been finalised”.

Track Stations

  • Dedicated section in the agreement for Track Station hours of work, and related terms and conditions

Fire Investigator Allowance

  • Improvement to provide that the minimum payment provisions of By-law 38 apply

Meal allowance periods

  • Breakfast meal period amended to 06:00-07:00

Have your say – your feedback is important

The parties will continue to work constructively to finalise a proposed new agreement for a ballot process. Should you wish to express a view on the proposals or make a suggestion, you can provide your feedback to me by emailing enquiries.ocpe@nt.gov.au

More information

Regular updates in relation to the bargaining process will be posted to the OCPE website. Information on bargaining in general can be obtained at www.fwc.gov.au or you can contact the Fair Work Commission information line on 1300 799 675.

Vicki Telfer PSM
Commissioner for Public Employment
6 December 2021

Last updated: 04 May 2022

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