Bulletin 25 - NTPS General Enterprise Agreement

** This bulletin only applies for employees engaged in the following NTPS classifications:

Administrative Officer, Physical, Professional, Technical, the ranks of Chief Correctional Officer and above, NTPS Traineeship, NTPS School-Based Traineeship, NTPS Apprentice and Graduate Trainee.  The bulletin relates to the making of a new enterprise agreement to replace the Northern Territory Public Sector 2017 – 2021 Enterprise Agreement **

The NTPS 2021–2025 Enterprise Agreement Has Been Corrected and Approved!

I am very pleased to advise that on Thursday 31 March 2022 the Fair Work Commission approved the corrected Northern Territory Public Sector 2021 – 2025 Enterprise Agreement (the Agreement).  This follows my message on 4 March 2022 to you, advising of the error and that the parties took steps to have the agreement corrected.  The corrected Agreement includes the missing sub-clause 90.3(c) Where an agency, or part of an agency does not close down, then employees on recreation leave or long service leave will be entitled to Christmas close down leave in accordance with clause 90.3(a).

In accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009, the Agreement formally commences on Thursday 7 April 2022.

The same undertaking, confirming that the definition of shiftworkers is in accordance with the National Employment Standards under the Fair Work Act, has been maintained.  This was the intention of the Agreement and a copy of the undertaking can be located on pages 3-4, following the Fair Work Decision.

A copy of the Fair Work Commission approval decision and the Agreement and undertaking can be found on the OCPE Current Enterprise Agreements webpage.

As agreed during negotiations, I will now renew the following Determinations in line with the commencement of the new Agreement:

  • Relocation Allowance – Katherine and Alice Springs (Determination 1015 of 2018)
  • Satellite Television or Internet Service Reimbursement (Determination 1017 of 2018)
  • Overtime for Professional Level 3 Employees (Determination 1019 of 2018)
  • Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) Reimbursement for New Recruits (Determination 1020 of 2018)
  • Trade Skills Market Allowance (Determination 1024 of 2018)

A copy of the new Determinations are available on the OCPE Determinations webpage.

Lump sum payment

The majority of eligible employees already received their $4000 lump sum payment, which is only payable once. Any employees who have not already received the payment, and who are eligible following the Fair Work Commission approval, will receive the $4000 lump sum payment as soon as practicable.

This new Agreement provides certainty and stability in your terms and conditions for the next four years. Thank you to all who participated in this process.

Vicki Telfer PSM
Commissioner for Public Employment

Last updated: 04 May 2022

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