Bulletin 6 - I have made an offer - issued 16 July 2021

It is important you are kept informed on the progress of negotiations as these proposals relate to your employment with Jacana Energy.

I am pleased to advise that on 13 July 2021, I made an offer to settle the Jacana Energy enterprise agreement negotiations.

We have worked hard and listened to your feedback to arrive at a balanced offer, which seeks to provide good improvements for all employees.

The table below summarises the details of the offer, but you can also read the full details of the offer.

Summary of the offer

  • $4000 over 4 years (plus employer superannuation guarantee)
    • 1,000 bonus p.a.
    • $4,000 over 4 years
    • counts for superannuation* (*due to fund rules, superannuation is not payable on bonus payments to members of NTGPASS or CSS)
  • Performance and Development Plan Framework
    • improved framework
    • simpler process
    • recognition of solid performance
  • Salary structure
    • mid-point increments removed
    • more opportunities for incremental advancement
  • Annual bonus or pay point progression
    • employees who receive a ‘met’ rating on their PDPS on 30 June 2022 who are eligible to progress only half a pay point will receive a one-off payment of 50% of the top of band bonus
  • Competency based increments
    • stays in the new agreement
  • Customer care advisor allowance
    • introduction of a development pathway for JL1 employees in customer care
    • development of leadership skills with an allowance whilst in the development role
  • Joint consultative committee and change management
    • commitment to biannual meetings
    • improved management of change provisions
    • consultation prior to a decision being made to introduce major change
  • Fair and effective performance management
    • new provision
    • sets out processes and roles and responsibilities in the management of employee performance
  • Christmas closedown
    • new provision
    • employees who do not have accrued recreation leave, TOIL or flextime can seek alternative, meaningful work during the Christmas closedown
  • Flexible lifestyle leave
    • improved entitlement
    • ability to request up to 8 weeks additional leave per year
  • Support and wellbeing
    • employees and their families can access up to 3 professional and confidential counselling sessions per issue
    • additional sessions may be granted by the CEO
  • Improvements to leave provisions
    • personal leave
      • increased to 5 days without a medical certificate (from 3)
    • Compassionate leave
      • increased to 5 days in the case of an immediate family member (without requirement for additional CEO approval)
      • includes stillbirths
    • Compassionate leave
      • new provision for 3 days paid leave on the occasion of the death of an extended family member or in the case of miscarriage
    • Domestic and family violence leave provisions
      • extended to include sexual violence outside the domestic setting
    • By-law provisions included in the agreement
    • NAIDOC leave
      • Up to 3 hours of paid leave p.a. to attend a NAIDOC march and approved activities
        • where TOIL or flextime are not available – up to 3 hours p.a
    • Gender transition leave
      • support for eligible employees who wish to transition their gender
      • gender transition leave would be available to support eligible employees who wish to transition their gender.
      • access up to 12 months leave, inclusive of 4 weeks paid and 48 weeks unpaid leave
    • Health screening leave
      • improved provision
      • 2 hours paid leave per year for the purpose of undertaking a health screening test associated with a public health screening program
    • Leave to seek financial advice about transition to retirement
      • new provision
        • up to 2 hours paid leave p.a. for employees within 3 years of retirement age (currently 65)
        • where TOIL or flextime are not available
    • Improved war service leave
    • Improved leave for voluntary emergency management activities
      • includes reasonable rest time
  • Improvements for parents
    • builds on current generous, paid parental leave provisions
    • new pre-natal leave provision
      • up to 8 hours leave for pregnancy related medical appointments
    • improved provision for employees returning from parental leave
      • right to return on a part-time basis for at least 6 months, where the employee so choses
    • foster and kinship carer leave
      • improved to provide paid leave to attend permanent care order interviews
    • pre-adoption leave
      • improved to provide paid leave to attend interviews or examinations required in order to obtain approval for the employee’s adoption of a child
    • workplace support for breastfeeding mothers
  • Improvements for casual employees
    • minimum engagement period for casual employees (3 hours)
    • an increase in casual loading from 20% to 25%
    • inclusion of principles enabling casual employees to request the conversion of their employment after 12 months

Have your say – Your feedback is important

Should you wish to express a view on the proposals or make a suggestion, you can provide your feedback to me by emailing enquiries.ocpe@nt.gov.au or by mail to:

Attention: Employee Relations
Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment
GPO Box 4371
Darwin NT 0801

Vicki Telfer PSM
Commissioner for Public Employment
16 July 2021

Last updated: 04 May 2022

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