Bulletin 14 - Vote on the new Power and Water Enterprise Agreement - Issued 26 November 2021

As reported in Bulletin 13 I made an improved offer to the Single Bargaining Unit on 23 November 2021 for the new 2021 – 2025 Power and Water Enterprise Agreement.

I have considered feedback provided by the Single Bargaining Unit on my significantly improved offer and it is now time to give you – the employees – the opportunity to have your say from 7 December 2021.

Summary of the improvement

More money on offer - $10,000 over 4 years

  • $4,000 lump sum payment and
  • $2,000 lump sum payment payable 12 months after the expiry of the previous agreement and annually during the term of the agreement.

Employer superannuation guarantee is applicable to the lump sum payments (excluding defined benefit schemes).  All of the improvements and conditions previously offered remain, including the 3 days off for Christmas Closedown.  See full detail of my improved offer

New offer

Ballot Process – Your Vote is confidential

The ballot process will be conducted by the Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC).

On Monday 29 November 2021 you will be sent information regarding the proposed 2021 – 2025 Power and Water Enterprise Agreement, including a link to the proposed agreement and an explanatory document highlighting the changes compared with your current agreement. Hard copies of these documents will also be available throughout your workplace.

The ballot process will be conducted online.  An email including a unique identifier will be sent to you at your Power and Water email address on 7 December 2021, along with steps on how to cast and submit your confidential electronic vote.  You will need your AGS number to complete the ballot process.

The online ballot will be emailed to you using the email account details contained in myHR.  If you won’t have access to your Power and Water email during the ballot period or would prefer the electronic ballot to be sent to your private email account, please contact NTEC on netvote.NTEC@nt.gov.au or 8999 7641 and provide your updated details as soon as possible. (Please note you will need to provide your AGS number for NTEC to identify you).

Please note, if you are accessing your emails through NTG webmail, the NTG system will not allow you to access the secure voting website.  Employees will need to provide an alternative email address.

Ballot Timetable

The timetable for the ballot is:

Monday 29 November 2021 Distribution and access to the proposed Agreement and explanatory material
Tuesday 7 December 2021 Ballot Opens - NTEC email with voting instructions and unique voting token number issued
Tuesday 14 December 2021 Ballot Closes (10.30am) Results declared

The ballot count will be conducted at the NTEC Office in Darwin, Level 3 TCG Centre 80 Mitchell Street Darwin.  The Commissioner will advise employees of the ballot result via a Bulletin and a notice on the enterprise bargaining website for the Power and Water Corporation Enterprise Agreement Negotiations.

More information

For further information on the proposed agreement (to have terms of the agreement explained to you, and the effect of those terms); the explanatory notes, or the ballot process, please contact Colin Edwards at Power and Water on 8936 4701, or Damien Doherty at OCPE on 8999 4171.

Regular updates in relation to the bargaining process are available on the OCPE Webpage at the Power and Water Corporation Enterprise Agreement Negotiations.

Vicki Telfer PSM
Commissioner for Public Employment
26 November 2021

Last updated: 10 May 2022

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