Bulletin 24 - Access period – issued 23 November 2022

Following further consideration I have decided to give non-contract principals, teachers and assistant teachers an opportunity to vote to approve a new enterprise agreement (EA) as set out below.

The purpose of this bulletin is to distribute the proposed NTPS Teachers and Assistant Teachers’ 2021 - 2024 EA PDF (2.9 MB) for your consideration prior to casting your vote.

To assist you to understand the differences between your current agreement and the proposed new agreement, provided explanatory notes PDF (893.9 KB) telling you what the changes are.

Printed copies of the proposed new agreement and explanatory notes will be available around workplaces for your information.

You can notify your manager or contact Workforce Relations by emailing employee.relations@nt.gov.au if:

  • you need assistance in reading or understanding the proposed agreement
  • you do not have access to these documents.

You should read these documents to understand the agreement you will be voting on.

Following is a list of other relevant documents referenced in the proposed agreement:

Contact OCPE by emailing enquiries.ocpe@nt.gov.au for any further information or materials referenced in the proposed agreement.

Improved offer

The main features of the improved offer are:

  • the term of the agreement to be 3 years (to expire in October 2024)
  • all salaries and expense-related allowances will be increased as follows:
    • 3% from the first pay period on or after 11 October 2021
    • 3% from the first pay period on or after 11 October 2022
    • 3% from the first pay period on or after 11 October 2023
  • an additional hour of non-contact time per week for teachers in their first year after graduation
  • programming of up to 5 corresponding hours of non-contact time per semester for the mentors of first year out teachers, wherever possible
  • inclusion of agreed matters in my previous offers
  • from 2023, all government schools will have an additional pupil free day on last day of term 4 of each year:
    • the additional pupil free day will provide teachers time to come together with their school leadership teams to undertake curriculum mapping and prepare teaching and learning programs aligned with their annual school improvement plan and school improvement agenda
    • principals have flexibility to utilise the additional day at any point throughout the year - for example, they may opt to run planning workshops a few days after hours throughout the year, or they may choose to do half day planning on weekends
    • if the planning is conducted ahead of last day of term 4, teachers will be entitled to that day in lieu of the additional hours taken to participate in the planning/ workshops facilitated by their school leadership team
    • schools will be required to provide evidence of the planning day to department with a clear intention of the time focused on school improvement
  • agreement to review during the life of EA options regarding class sizes; non-contact times; and managing the administrative burdens on teachers.

If the majority of employees who vote, vote yes and the Fair Work Commission approve the agreement, it will replace the current agreement.

Make your vote count

The ballot opens on Thursday 1 December 2022, and I encourage you to have your say by casting a vote.

The NT Electoral Commission (NTEC) has been engaged conduct the ballot.

The timetable for the ballot is set out below

Access period – in which employees have access to the proposed agreement and other relevant documents

Starts: 23 November 2022

Ends: 30 November 2022

Ballot opens

1 December 2022

Ballot closes

12 December 2022 at 2pm

The electronic ballot will be emailed to you using the work email account details contained in myHR. If you won’t have access to this email during the ballot period or would prefer the electronic ballot to be sent to your private email account, contact NTEC by emailing netvote.NTEC@nt.gov.au or by calling 8999 7641 to provide your preferred email details as soon as possible. You will need to provide your AGS number to NTEC to verify your identity.

More information

For further information on the proposed agreement, the explanatory notes, or the ballot process, contact OPCE by emailing enquiries.ocpe@nt.gov.au or calling 8999 4282.

Vicki Telfer PSM
Commissioner for Public Employment
23 November 2022

Last updated: 24 November 2022

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