Professional incentives

There are several employment incentives for those employed under a professional classification. This recognises the need for professional staff to maintain and build their expertise.

Professional development allowance

Eligibility and value

If you are employed by the NTPS in the professional stream, you may be entitled to claim an allowance for professional development costs.

The amount you may be entitled to depends on a number of factors including the enterprise agreement you are employed under and how many years’ service you have.

For additional information you can refer to:

Qualifying Period

The qualifying period for receipt of the allowance is calculated as at 1 January of each year.

Reimbursement of Expenses

You can apply to be reimbursed for professional development costs at any time by doing the following:

  • fill out an application form
  • provide receipts or other proof of payment
  • get approval from your CEO or delegate for reimbursement to be made
  • provide evidence that the professional development activities have occurred.

Other conditions

If you are a part time professional stream employee, you are eligible for a proportion of the allowance linked to your contracted hours.

You will only get back what you actually spent and any unused allowance cannot be claimed.

You will receive the allowance as a one off payment and is not counted as part of your salary in any way.

Professional progression scheme

If you are employed in the professional stream you may be promoted from one level to the next without the position being advertised through the professional progression scheme.

You must either request this or be invited to progress to the next professional level.

You must submit an application addressing selection criteria for the higher level position to be assessed by a panel that makes a recommendation to the Chief Executive Officer.

If you are unsuccessful, you will be given post selection feedback. This feedback should identify any professional development gaps you may have so that your agency may be able to address.


NTPS 2017 - 2021 Enterprise Agreement – Clause 48
Schedule 5 of Public Sector Instrument 27 PDF (929.8 KB)

Professional excellence status scheme

This scheme recognises and rewards employees in the professional stream for excellence according to the following principles:

  • provide a significantly high standard of service to internal and external clients and stakeholders
  • contribute significantly to advancing the economic and/or social interests of the Northern Territory
  • contribute significantly to the advancement of the NTPS
  • contribute significantly to a body of knowledge and understanding in a particular professional field.


CEOs may grant professional excellence status to an employee within certain employment classifications for a period of two years.

Employment classifications eligible for professional excellence status are as follows:

  • Professional 3*
  • Senior Professional 1
  • Senior Professional 2.

* The employee must have been paid at the maximum salary point for this classification for at least two years as at the time of applying for this scheme.


Employees granted Professional Excellence Status will be paid two annual payments each equivalent to the rate of ten percent of their nominal salary on a lump sum basis.

The lump sum payments will be paid as follows:

  1. at the first pay period on or after the date your Professional Excellence Status was granted
  2. at the first pay period that falls 12 months after you received the first lump sum payment.

Application and assessment

An employee holding a specified classification must apply in writing to the CEO for Professional Excellence Status.

An employee or person may also submit a nomination, in writing to the CEO, for an employee holding a specified classification to be granted Professional Excellence Status.

If an employees has been nominated, the CEO then must invite the employee to apply.

All employees must satisfy an assessment panel that they meet the key selection criteria for professional excellence status.

Please refer to Guidelines to CEO and employees for further information.

Once the assessment panel has made their decision they will present their recommendations to the CEO who may accept or reject any recommendation made by the assessment panel.


NTPS 2017 - 2021 Enterprise Agreement – Clause 48
Determination 1013 of 2018 and Guidelines to Chief Executive Officer and Employees PDF (357.7 KB)

Last updated: 05 June 2017

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