Support for NTPS employees affected by domestic and family violence

Checklist for employees

  • Consider which manager/HR officer or delegate that you feel most comfortable talking to about your circumstances
  • You should let the manager or HR know if a police report has already been made or if not, when it will be made
  • See how to make a report of Domestic and Family Violence on the mandatory reporting website
  • Discuss making an application for leave or flexible work options with your manager/supervisor or an appropriate HR manager if you require support
  • Generally a leave application should be submitted for approval before leave commences. However, back dated applications may be approved for unplanned leave
  • Evidence may be requested when considering your application and they could be: documents from the police, a court, a counsellor, from an EAP provider or a statutory declaration
  • Managers or a HR officer will sight the evidence but will not retain or keep a copy
  • Ensure the application is made for a specified period of time
  • Consider what leave or immediate workplace arrangements may help, such as varying start and finish work hours, developing a safety plan for the workplace, and time off to attend related appointments
  • Follow up with the manager / HR to review any leave or workplace arrangements as agreed. If you are not sure that your circumstances fit within the context of Domestic and Family Violence and have not yet spoken to your manager please complete the MyLearning short module by Territory Families of Mandatory Reporting of Domestic and Family Violence

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Last updated: 30 November 2017

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