Support for NTPS employees affected by domestic and family violence

Checklist for managers/HR officers

The role of managers

Your role is to enquire about the employee’s needs and direct them to the appropriate services or support.

If the employee is in immediate danger, the manager/HR must ask if the employee has followed Mandatory Reporting and if not, refer them to the police contact.

Once manager/HR are aware an employee is affected by Domestic and Family Violence, they must advise them of the workplace provisions as well as take this into consideration if there are concerns about the employee’s performance.

The role of a HR officer or agency contact officer

Some agencies can have nominated ‘contact officers’ to be a first point of contact for employees who want to seek support. Check with your HR for details and if affected employees don’t feel comfortable talking to their manager they should be advised they can talk to HR instead.

If an employee seeks immediate support in the workplace, these steps are recommended when a disclosure is made:

ListenListen to the person closely with empathy and without judgement. Be patient, calm and compassionate.
AcknowledgeShow the employee that you understand and believe them. Assure them that they are not to blame. Let the employee tell their story at their own pace if they choose to share it with you.
Enquire about their needs and concerns

Ask about the needs and concerns of the employee  and discuss the range of workplace provisions.
Give them the opportunity to say what they want.

Ask: ‘how can we help you?'

Your role is not to counsel the employee, instead offer information and refer them to the appropriate support services. For example, provide information about the 1800RESPECT website, provide the Domestic and Family Violence Service Directory PDF (165.7 KB) or the EAP contact.

  • Once an employee has disclosed Domestic or Family Violence, managers or HR officers are required to ensure that the necessary Mandatory Reporting requirements has been followed.
  • Managers or HR officers should inform the employee that once they make a disclosure that the Mandatory Reporting requirements must be followed.
  • Has the employee followed Mandatory Reporting? If they have not made a report to the police, they can discuss with the employee how to ‘Report Domestic and Family Violence’.
  • After managers or HR officers have asked the employee if they have made a report to the police, they can discuss with the employee the leave and workplace options to assist their safety.
  • Ensure confidentiality and respect is maintained by:
    • sighting evidence once
    • not making a record or copy
    • handing it back
    • reporting only in myHR or other reporting system, that evidence has been sighted for miscellaneous leave.
  • Reasonable adjustments should be considered to ensure the individual’s safety in the workplace, such as different work locations, removal of their phone listing or changes to their work email address.
  • In discussion with the employee, consider if their information needs to be provided within the work unit while maintaining confidentiality. Follow up with the employee before the expiry of the first application for leave and/or a workplace arrangement to identify if any changes need to be made.

For further support, managers/ Human Resources should also provide:

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Last updated: 30 November 2017

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