Support for NTPS employees affected by domestic and family violence

Leave options and other workplace arrangements

Employees who are Victims of Domestic and Family Violence can access various flexible work options and other support under the following provisions:

  1. Miscellaneous Leave for Domestic and Family Violence purposes (By-law 18)

Employees experiencing Domestic and Family Violence can access various flexible work options and other support under the following provisions

  1. working part-time
  2. flexible working arrangements 
  3. Leave Without Pay (By-law 16)
  4. Recreation Leave at half pay
  5. Long Service Leave at half pay (see By-law 8.10(b))
  6. Personal Leave
  7. applying for leave
  8. accessing employer funded support from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for domestic and family violence purposes
  9. also check your Enterprise Agreement Domestic and Family Violence provisions.

Arrangements may be for a set period of time and  the employee should be followed up to review their ongoing circumstances.

  1. Miscellaneous Leave

Domestic and Family Violence leave is accessed in accordance with By-law 18 – miscellaneous leave and is in addition to other leave entitlements. Domestic and family violence leave will count as service.

Miscellaneous Leave for Domestic and Family Violence may be used to request time off for the following reasons, but there are other provisions available:

  • finding safe accommodation
  • attending court hearings
  • accessing legal advice
  • organising alternative care or education arrangements for their children
  • other related purposes approved by the CEO.

  1. Working part-time

The employee can apply to work part-time for a period of time. Subject to the relevant Enterprise Agreement, the CEO and the employee will agree in writing on a regular pattern of part-time work, ie agreed hours, specifying hours worked each day, days of the week, and starting and finishing times each day.

  1. Flexible working arrangements

Flexible working arrangements are designed to accommodate an employee’s personal commitments or needs. Flexible work arrangements are negotiated together and then approval is given. These may include varying work times, contact numbers or locations as part of a safety plan.

  1. Leave Without Pay (By-law 16)

If the employee requires an extended period of leave, away from the workplace for example, to stay with family interstate, they can apply for Leave Without Pay. Leave Without Pay will not break continuity of service.

  1. and f. Recreation Leave and Long Service Leave at half pay

If required an employee can apply for recreation or long service leave at half pay to extend time away, in accordance with the relevant Enterprise Agreement.

  1. Personal Leave

Employees should utilise Personal Leave for an illness or injury caused by Domestic and Family Violence and seek treatment from a medical practitioner, including counselling services to ensure they receive necessary care and support.

Where an employee has exhausted all Personal Leave the CEO may grant additional Personal Leave at half pay where the absence is at least one (1) day, subject to relevant Enterprise Agreement and all relevant circumstances.

  1. Applying for leave and other workplace support

Applications for Miscellaneous Leave will be dealt with confidentially and sensitively, according to the Mandatory Reporting requirements and managers will ask the employee if a report has been made.

To ensure employees are comfortable disclosing any evidence, the confidentiality requirements specified under ‘Confidentiality and disclosure’ are provided to ensure that only one manager/HR officer sights any evidence and that employees will not be required to re-submit any evidence.

  1. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Victims of Domestic and Family Violence are encouraged to check the relevant Enterprise Agreement or talk to their HR officer about accessing a range of providers through the employer funded support available from the EAP.

  1. Enterprise Agreement

Check your Enterprise Agreement Domestic and Family Violence provisions.

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Last updated: 30 November 2017

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