Work life balance

The Northern Territory Government wants to make it easier for employees to balance the demands of work with the needs of family, community commitments and general health and wellbeing.

Work life Balance is a concept that provides more flexibility in the workforce which in turn leads to more stability and productivity.

A good work life balance benefits everyone. As you move through different stages of your life, personal responsibilities and priorities that can impact on your work life will change for example:

  • caring for young children
  • caring for elderly or disabled family members
  • commitments such as emergency services or volunteer work
  • cultural and ceremonial commitments
  • tertiary study
  • serving on boards and committees
  • competitive sport
  • general health and wellbeing activities
  • phased retirement for older workers
  • phased return to work after injury, illness or parental leave.

There is a range of flexible work practices available within the NT public service that differs according to the particular enterprise agreement you might be under.

Flexible work arrangements

Flexible work practices are used in Northern Territory Public Service to attract and to keep the best employees.

Flexible work arrangements can cover a range of areas such as hours of work, mode of employment, such as part-time, and leave. Read the commissioner's information sheet PDF (103.4 KB) about flexible work options available.


Flextime is one of the flexible work arrangement options which allows for employees and managers to vary working hours and patterns to provide flexibility within certain parameters.

Provisions under enterprise agreements still apply under flextime arrangements and a record of working hours must be kept at all times. Flextime is not applicable to shift workers.

Read the following information about NTPS flextime:

There is a range of different types of leave available to NTPS employees that support work life balance.

Read more about NTPS leave options or work life balance case studies.

Last updated: 13 April 2022

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