Fair Work Act

Your employment in the NTPS is governed by Northern Territory and Commonwealth legislation. The main laws are the Public Sector Employment and Management Act (NT) and the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

The Fair Work Act governs all national system employers and employees, including the Commissioner for Public Employment and NTPS employees. It provides a legislative ‘safety net’ of entitlements through a system of modern awards and sets minimum employment conditions called the National Employment Standards (NES).

Other elements of the Fair Work Act relevant to the NTPS are:

  • a system for making and approving enterprise agreements;
  • the Fair Work Commission, a body which approves enterprise agreements/awards, hears applications for unfair dismissal and adverse action claims, and applications for transfer of business or dispute resolution; and
  • the Fair Work Ombudsman, a body which promotes and monitors compliance with the Fair Work Act.

NTPS enterprise agreements and the NTPS enterprise award 2016 are made under the Fair Work Act.

Last updated: 21 October 2016

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