Public sector instruments

Under the Public Sector Employment and Management Act, the Commissioner for Public Employment can delegate his/her powers to the Chief Executive Officer of an agency or give approval for the Chief Executive Officer to take certain actions where specific conditions are met.

The following Public Sector Instruments have been issued which apply across the Public Sector, however  a number of Agency-specific Instruments also exist. Contact the relevant Agency’s human resource management unit for further information.

Instrument Delegation of power
1 Employment Records PDF (55.9 KB)
This PSI provides for the CEO to maintain employment records within the agency in accordance with section 17 PSEMA.
Instrument Approval provided certain conditions
1124Selecting Without Advertising - NT Health Aboriginal Cadets PDF (766.4 KB)
24 Select Without Advertising - Indigenous Cadets PDF (67.1 KB)
Revokes PSI 17

Approval to select without advertising and other matters PDF (929.8 KB)

This PSI revokes PSIs numbered 11, 12, 16, 19, 21, 25 and 26.

Under this PSI the CEO can select without advertising, in accordance with section 30(1)(b) of PSEMA, a person or employee to perform duties that are for a period exceeding six months if the selection is in accordance with the conditions specified in one of the schedules as follows:

  • Schedule 2 - NTPS traineeships / apprenticeships
  • Schedule 3 - Entry level recruitment – AO1 and AO2
  • Schedule 4 - Entry level recruitment in specified remote localities - AO1, AO2, PH1 or PH2
  • Schedule 5 - Progression scheme - P1 to P2 and T1 to T2
  • Schedule 6 - Subsequent vacancies
  • Schedule 7- Filling vacancies resulting from substantial change - refers to paragraph 12.2(f) of Employment Instruction Number 1 – Filling vacancies
  • Schedule 8 - Condition of employment – visa requirements – non-Australian citizens – refers to paragraph 4.2 of Employment Instruction Number 1 – Filling vacancies
  • Schedule 9 - Upon obtaining an essential qualification – refers to Determination Number 3 of 1999 PDF (442.9 KB)

Last updated: 11 February 2022

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