Panel contracts

Northern Territory Governmen agencies can access non-accredited training and development services through both the NTG training panel contracts and through the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) panel contracts.

NTG Training Panel Contracts

The NTG has contracts with 33 training organisations who can provide non-accredited training and development services to NTPS employees across 50 subject areas. These contracts are organised into panels of which there are six:

  • learning and development panel*
  • business services panel
  • research services panel
  • e-learning support services and solutions
  • executive search and recruitment panel
  • capability development panel

* Notably for the NTPS the leadership panel list is categorised using the five behaviours associated with the Northern Territory Public Sector - Capability and Leadership Framework (CLF)

Panel arrangements mean that NTPS agencies can use any of the organisations on the panel directly and with a minimum of red tape.

How to access the contract

Determine your service and delivery need then review the list of training topics to identify the category that best suits your requirements. 

Next refer to the list of Providers and their Awarded Topics to identify which providers can be used.

Contact providers and discuss your learning outcomes. Contact details are listed in the Buyers Guide and rates can be obtained by contacting OCPE on 8999 3708. 

You should contact more than one provider about your proposed training as each will have different styles and expertise that will suit a variety of situations. 

Agencies are responsible for negotiating travel related expenses, arranging purchase orders, and paying invoices in accordance with the Buyers Guide.

To maximise participants and share cost, Agencies are encouraged to connect with other agencies for possible partnerships. Listing your planned training activities on the OCPE Training calendar can help promote them across government.

Refer to the Buyers Guide for more details or contact the OCPE:

Phone: (08) 89 993708

Australian Public Service Commission Panel 

The Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment (OCPE) has negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the APSC, providing panel access to a range of providers for all government Agencies nation-wide including the Northern Territory Public Sector (NTPS). 

Services are engaged through an Order of Service that forms the actual contract and this MoU is negotiated every three-years.

This information supports NTPS Agencies in understanding what can be accessed on the panels, how to access the panels and key contacts for more information.

The panels were developed to streamline procurement processes for public sector Agencies and were selected through a rigorous open tender process identified to deliver high quality training and capability solutions. 

The broad range of services offered on the panels can be customised to meet any specific needs of the Agency. 

Over 250 suppliers, ranging from sole traders through to large commercial organisations, universities and registered training organisations are available on the six panels:

Accessing the APS Panels

The MoU does not replace any existing NTPS panel contract. The intent is to provide agencies with a greater range of providers that have already been selected through an open tender process. 

In the Northern Territory the Procurement Review Board, of the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation, has approved NTPS access to APSC panels. This centralised process reduces cost and time, otherwise incurred by an Agency conducting its own procurement for training and development.

The term of the existing MoU is valid until 31 December 2016 after which it will be renegotiated for period of three years.

The APSC is the key point of contact and assists agencies nation-wide to identify and approach appropriate panel providers. Agencies will need to complete the relevant Statement of Requirements Form.

For specific costing information you need submit a Statement of Requirements Form to the panel provider who will provide a quote. 

NTPS Agencies using the panel arrangements are encouraged to contact the Solicitor for the Northern Territory, Department of the Auditor-General and Justice for legal review of the terms and conditions in the Deed of Standing Offer between the NTPS and the APSC. This is to ensure that the terms of the contract are acceptable.

Additional to the cost of the services being sought by the Agency, a panel fee is payable to the APSC. This fee has been negotiated between the APSC and OCPE and information relating to panel fees for accessing the panel contract is available to NTPS Agencies upon request by emailing

APSC contact details

Contact the Panel Services team at the APSC:
Phone: (07) 3004 0725
Post: PO Box 10191 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Last updated: 06 December 2016