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What is the People Matter Survey?

The People Matter Survey is an employee perception survey run by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment (OCPE) to gain an understanding of employee’s perceptions of working in the NTPS. It is an online survey that you are invited to participate in.

Do I have to fill in the survey?

Yes please! But seriously, while we really really want you to complete the survey, participation is entirely voluntary. Think of the bigger picture though…your views matter and can really help make a difference to the NTPS for everyone so taking the time to complete it is worthwhile, right?

Why should I fill out the survey?

  • Most often, people working on the ground can see what’s working well, what’s not and what needs to improve. Here’s your chance to tell your senior leaders about what it’s like to work in your agency and how your agency is performing.
  • You get the opportunity to provide ideas right to the top about how to improve your workplace.
  • The survey is completely confidential so you can confidently share your views with confidence that your response will not be traced back to you. Strict business rules and privacy legislation apply so all data is de-identified and responses are combined before they are reported. Reports are only available for groups with 10 or over respondents and reports will only include demographic information for groups with 30 or more respondents.
  • The survey is endorsed and supported by the Commissioner for Public Employment and your agency’s Chief Executives. They want to understand what it is like to work in your agency and they want your ideas about how to improve things.
  • The survey will only take about 15 minutes to complete online either at work, on your phone or at home. You can spare the time, right?
  • You get to be part of something bigger that will have a positive impact for us all.

How is my confidentiality protected?

Confidentiality is really important when collecting your views about your workplace and working in the NTPS. You need to know that you can be honest when filling out the survey and your response won’t be traced back to you.

The People Matter Survey is completely confidential. To ensure this, OCPE engaged an external provider to collect and process responses on its behalf so that all responses are held outside of NTG network or systems. The external provider for the 2018 survey is ORC International. They meet all internal, Territory and national privacy standards and international standards (ISO). You can trust that they take every measure to ensure your privacy is protected and there is no way of tracing individuals in reports that agencies receive. The NTPS will never receive your individual response.

Read the Privacy Statement

Read more about how your privacy is protected

What is the point of this survey?

The point of this survey is simple…to make the NTPS a better place to work! But, breaking it down even further, there are two main points to the survey:

Point 1: to give your agency and the wider whole of sector an understanding of employees’ experiences of working in the NTPS. At an agency level this is very important because the survey results provide a clear indication to agency senior leadership of how the agency is performing in terms of agency culture, values and staff well-being. The survey results also provide the same information for the whole of the NTPS.

Point 2: to understand areas where we are not doing well so something can actually be done about it. This includes the development of targeted and responsive initiatives and policies at an agency level as well as at a whole of sector level. At the end of the survey results will be delivered to your agency and used to guide the development of programs and policies for the benefit of all employees.

What types of questions are asked in the survey?

The survey ask multiple choice questions and provides statements with the options of agreeing, disagreeing or remaining neutral. General questions are about:

  • How happy and connected you are to you your work, your agency and what matters to you most
  • What it’s like working in your agency
  • How your senior leadership is doing
  • Your access to learning and development opportunities
  • Performance planning and feedback
  • How change is managed by your leaders

There are also a set of questions that provide demographic information. These include:

  • Age
  • Length of service
  • Gender and ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Salary

Why do you ask questions about my age, salary etc?

Demographic questions are asked to provide an additional layer of context to the responses received. This helps your agency and the whole of sector respond to the survey results. For example, if the survey results show that employees with disability are not having their individual support needs met, then it provides an opportunity for the agency to make changes in procedures and policy to ensure this is corrected. Without asking about disability, then we would not have this information.

Demographic information is never provided with individual responses back to the agency or to anyone in the NTPS. That information is strictly managed by the external survey provider, ORC International.

Do I have to answer every question?

Yes you do. The reason all questions are compulsory is because it is important for the overall results to get a full data set for all respondents. This gives a richer overall picture of the experience of all the NTPS employees.

Why is my exact work team not mentioned in the agency teams breakdown?

If your team has a small number of employees then some teams have been grouped. This is very important to protect your confidentiality. Just follow the instructions and look for your team within a bigger group.

How are comments treated? What happens with my comments in the questions where I can type a response?

In the survey there are 2 questions where you have the opportunity to provide general feedback and suggestions. This is a great way of providing feedback about what is working well and what requires improvement in your agency.

The response you provide for these questions will be provided directly to your agency CEO or their assigned delegate. Where the comments identify an employee by name, names will be removed before comments are distributed. In addition, we ask that you do not provide personal information that you do not want your agency CEO to read as generally comments will be provided to the CEO exactly as received (with the exception of those comments naming another individual by name).

At no time will comments provided be attached to the demographics of the person who completed the survey.

Will my manager see my feedback or find out who said what?

Absolutely not!

There are three elements of data for this survey. They are:

  1. The responses to multiple choice questions
  2. Demographic information (your age, education level, length of service, salary etc)
  3. Your open text comments to the two open questions

These elements are treated differently – see below

Multiple choice questions: All responses are combined into a report. In some cases it will be for your immediate team if there are at least 10 responses for that team. If there are less than 10 responses for your team, then the responses are delivered in a report for the higher level work group or division.

Demographic information (age ranges, salaries etc) are only available 30 or more people in a particular team, work group or division have completed the survey. This is to make sure that you cannot be identified.

Comments in the two questions that are not multiple choice can only be viewed by your agency CEO or the person who they have delegated to have access. This is extremely tightly controlled by our survey provider so you can absolutely trust that providing your feedback is safe and secure.

How long does it take to complete?

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. It’s quick and easy, so please take the time!

Can I complete the survey at home?

Yes you can! All you need to do is forward the email you receive with the survey link to your home email. Then you can access it on your mobile device or home computer.

What do I do if I don’t get time to fill it all out in one sitting?

The survey will stay open indefinitely if you need to leave it temporarily. If you are using a shared computer make sure you exit the survey before you leave. If you need to exit the survey before it’s completed, the password you save on the next page will allow you to return to the same section later.
Please note that if you save and exit the survey to complete later, you will not be able to review or amend questions which you have already answered.

Is there a timeout on the survey if I start it and then leave it open on my desktop?

No the survey will not time out if you leave it open on your desktop. If you need to leave it without completing the survey, please save and exit so you can come back later.

Who do I contact if I need help with the survey?

If you have a technical question about completing the survey, ORC International have a helpline that you can call on 1800 065 312. The helpline is available 8.00am to 4.30 weekdays during the survey period. Otherwise you can email and ORC will respond within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

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What happens with the results?

After the survey, your agency gets a set of reports containing combined responses to the survey. These are combined depending on the number of team respondents. Reports are presented in a summary and do not include individual demographics (such as age, gender, salary, occupation type and length of service). For teams with less than 10 respondents, reports cannot be produced because the base is too small.

Read more about reports

Will my agency share the results with the staff?

How agencies share results will vary. Options include:

  • Making reports available across the agency
  • Team meetings to discuss results
  • Action planning at various levels of the agency
  • Sharing of action plans once developed

Last updated: 03 September 2018