Privacy Statement

We take your privacy seriously.  This means we take every measure to ensure that your privacy is protected throughout the survey process and there is no way of tracing individuals in reports or through the de-identified survey data.  We protect your privacy in several ways:

Legislative compliance The survey is delivered in full compliance with the NT Information Act and the Information Privacy Principles.
Contractual requirements

Survey data is collected and collated by an external survey company. This data cannot be passed onto the NTPS except as de-identified data that complies with strict business rules.  The survey company must comply with the NT Information Act,the Information Privacy Principles, and any other undertakings that the NTPS deems necessary to protect your privacy.  The NTPS will only have access to de-identified information.

The raw data that results from this survey will be housed in a secure data repository that complies with NTG ICT security requirements maintained by the survey company.  The NTPS will never have access to your individual responses or raw data.

The data will be held securely by the survey company and when their contract ends they will hold on to the data until a new provider is engaged who will then hold all existing data and any new data.  Survey data is retained so that results’ comparisons can be made from one survey to the next.

Strict business rules

Only the external survey company has access to raw data from survey responses.  When you submit your survey it is broken into separate pieces of data.  Identifying information is removed from survey responses. There are strict business rules that govern how the resulting data may be put together which the survey company is contracted to meet.

Reports can only be produced where there are 10 or more respondents. Demographic information such as age, gender, years of service etc, are included in the whole NTPS, whole agency reports, and large divisional reports for teams of 30 or more respondents.  Demographics are reported separately to survey responses so there is no possible way to associate or put back together the data to identify an individual with their answers to survey questions. Where people work in small teams the results are rolled up and included in the next report level.

Last updated: 03 September 2018