Survey results are provided to agencies after the survey and provide the evidence for agencies to plan their response. Agencies will share with employees the outcome of the survey.

Northern Territory Public Sector Benchmark Report

The NTPS 2018 People Matter Benchmark Report is now available. The report provides response data from the most recent survey as well as trend data from 2016 (for comparable questions). For the first time, NTPS data is compared, where possible, to a global public sector benchmark developed by ORC International. In addition, key driver analysis has been undertaken for employee engagement, making it possible to report what questions have the greatest impact on engagement across the sector.

A detailed analysis of the 2018 survey results will be published in the first quarter of 2019.

Click Here to view the Benchmark Report.


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Ad Hoc reports

Ad Hoc Reports can also be produced for certain groups of employees within agencies (providing the reporting business rules are met).  For example, engagement scores for employees with disability, job satisfaction rates for men, number of women employees who have a performance agreement in place etc.

These reports can be very important for understanding the experience of specific groups of people and this is the reason that the demographic questions are asked.

Last updated: 19 November 2018