Why the survey is important

Importance for your agency

Your views about your work environment are important.  Participating in the survey is your opportunity to voice your views.  Survey responses help agencies to understand what is working well, and where improvements could be made.

Survey results will show how engaged employees are and levels of job satisfaction. Results will also show employee perceptions about how well managers are managing, how well change is implemented, and employee access to professional development and its impact.

Survey results are an important evidence-base that your agency can use to design targeted workforce initiatives to improve your work environment and the productivity of your agency.  This is important at all levels of the organisation as it has an impact on attracting and retaining employees. Previously, some agencies have used their results to develop targeted programs such as anti-bullying and workplace culture improvements.

Survey results also provide benchmarks to measure improvements and change over time.  For example, some results from this year’s survey will be compared to 2016 results.  This is important, particularly if your agency implemented workforce programs based on the 2016 results.  Your agency’s results can be compared to other NTPS agencies and the NTPS as a whole to provide a view of how well your agency is doing and areas that may need improvement.

Importance for the whole of sector

A key strength of the survey is that the same set of questions is asked across all NTPS agencies. This provides the opportunity to compare like for like agencies as a way of measuring performance and also to see where great practice is happening.

At a whole of sector level, it’s important to understand the overall experience of employees so that we can work towards as much consistency as possible in the workplace for all employees regardless of where they work.

In addition, at a whole of sector level the survey results allow us to target and develop policies that support employees to have a great experience working in the NTPS no matter which agency they work in.

At a national level, some of the information gathered in the survey allows a comparison with other states and territories so we can see how well the NTPS stacks up against other state and territory governments in employee engagement and satisfaction.

Last updated: 03 September 2018