Disability Confidence


This training equips participants with an understanding of disability and its relevance to all areas of business. The interactive delivery style provides skills and knowledge to confidently welcome and work alongside people with disability.

Learning Outcomes

The training assists managers to confidently manage people with disability within their teams and for team members to confidently work alongside people with disability.
The training will challenge participants, disrupt thoughts and has the potential to facilitate change in practice and processes across the NTPS. This will be achieved through discussion, group activities, scenarios and video.

By the completion of training, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of disability confidence for individuals and the NTPS
  • Have greater awareness of what disability is in the Australian society 
  • Be confident in using the right language and doing the right things
  • Understand the value of inclusive behaviours and attitudes
  • Understand the key concepts, such as workplace adjustments, essential requirements and sharing information
  • Understand disclosure of disability from both employees and employers perspective
  • Be confident to have appropriate discussions regarding performance management
  • Have awareness of the legislative requirements and considerations to the management of risk
  • Recognise the importance of access to learning and development opportunities
  • Know where to find further information and assistance

Selection Criteria

This program is recommended for all staff. A maximum of 30 places are available per session. 


Refer to the Training and events calendar for a nomination form. Please ensure to follow your agency nomination and application process.

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Last updated: 13 June 2017