Performance management workshop

The Performance Management course aims to provide managers with knowledge of the NTPS performance management system, how it is applied and how to effectively give and receive feedback. This program assists participants to constructively address performance and build individual confidence in giving performance feedback in the workplace. 

Topics include:

  • Aim, purpose / intent and scope of activities involved in Performance Management in the NTPS
  • Governance of performance management in the NTPS
  •  Relationship between performance management and managing under-performance
  •  Roles of the manager and employee in performance management
  •  Role of feedback in the staff management process, and linkage to broader objectives of the agency
  • Defining staff responsibilities in measurable terms
  • Structure and delivery of effective feedback
  • Metrics that are useful to measure and monitor performance

At the conclusion of this course participants will have;

  • A  detailed understanding of the processes and requirements for effective performance management in the NTPS
  • Awareness of appropriate and effective feedback and the tools to deliver feedback confidently

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Last updated: 02 October 2017