360 degree feedback

The Program will help you understand your own needs as well as the needs of your agency in relation to professional development.

As a public sector wide initiative, the 360 degree (360º) feedback program has been based on the new NTPS Capability and Leadership Framework (4.6 mb).

Your participation helps senior executives and executive feeder talent pools within the NTPS with their leadership development.

The 360º feedback uses an online tool to help you understand your strengths and development needs. 

An experienced executive coach from Yellow Edge will analyse any gaps, discuss your results and create an individual development plan with you and your Manager.

The 360º feedback program requires you seeking feedback from a range of people which may include your:

  • direct manager
  • peers and colleagues
  • staff - current and past
  • stakeholders - internal and external

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Last updated: 21 November 2016