ANZSOG Leadership for change agents

This program aims to provide managers and senior managers in all agencies an understanding of the dynamics of exercising leadership on complex programs. 

It goes beyond looking at technical or management processes to build an in depth understanding about the nature of leadership during periods of change and the many ways in which it is avoided and resisted.

The objective is to ensure that you are prepared in being able to diagnose your organisation and external environments and then craft effective leadership interventions in order to make progress.

At the end of the program participants will have the key learnings of:

  • the difference between technical and adaptive leadership challenges
  • distinguishing between leadership and authority
  • the nature of resistance and avoidance of difficult issues
  • the discovery process of diagnosing a complex challenge
  • orchestrating learning between competing values and factions
  • crafting interventions
  • the different types of partnering to support your leadership challenges.

To find out more read the ANZSOG Leadership for Change Agents program (303.9 kb) information sheet.

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Last updated: 23 December 2016