Executive leadership program

This program is designed to develop the abilities of staff at executive level to provide leadership in economic and social policy and governance.


If you are an NTPS employee at the SA02 level or above, you are eligible.

Program Overview

NTPS staff turnover at the executive level creates challenges and there is a need to ensure that a strong and capable pool of executive talent is maintained.  

The Executive Leaders Program is part of a strategy to ensure continuity of executive leadership.

It is a very good opportunity for NTPS executives to improve their strategic awareness, executive networks and whole of government perspective.

In addition to supplying strong executives for the future, the program will improve succession planning and promote mobility and learning across the public sector.

The course content has been designed based on findings from 360° feedback program in 2009, 2011, 2012 and the new NTPS Capability and Leadership Framework.

The course content has been designed based on gaps identified in previous 360° feedback programs, and findings from OCPE state of the Service and NT People Matter reports.

With the busy schedule and demanding jobs of leaders in mind, the program has been structured to allow for short sessions over a number of months to ease the need to be away from the office for extended periods.

Refer to the Training calendar for a nomination form.

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Last updated: 30 November 2016