Vulnerable employees

In line with the Chief Health Officer (CHO) Directions (No. 55) 2021, an employee is considered to be vulnerable where:

  • the person can't be vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine due to a contraindication to all approved COVID-19 vaccines; or
  • the person is an Aboriginal person; or
  • the person is at risk of severe illness from COVID-19 for medical reasons, such as being on immune suppressive therapy after an organ transplant or having chronic kidney, heart, liver or lung disease.

Priority to work from home is given to vulnerable employees.

They are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19.

If you are a vulnerable employee, you must provide medical evidence or other supporting documentation.

What to do

Discuss your situation with your manager.

Consider alternative working arrangements to reduce your exposure to risk such as:

  • other duties
  • working from another location
  • work from home
  • other safe arrangements.

Get the personal action plan if you are vulnerable.

You can also consider taking:

  • recreation leave
  • recreation leave at half pay
  • long service leave
  • personal leave if you are unwell.

Last updated: 05 November 2021

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