Performance management workshop

This program aims to provide managers with knowledge of the NTPS performance management system, how it is applied and how to effectively give and receive feedback. This program assists participants to constructively address performance and build individual confidence in giving performance feedback in the workplace. 

Performance Management

  • Understand the aim, purpose / intent and scope of activities involved in Performance Management
    as it applies to the NTPS 
  • Be conversant with the governance of performance management in the NTPS (including PSEMA
    and CLF) 
  • Understand the relationship between Performance Management and Managing Under Performance
  • Understand the role of a leader / manager in the administration of Performance Management
  • Understand the role of the employee in the administration of Performance Management

Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback

  • Understand the role of feedback in the staff management process, and how this links from individual performance to the broader objectives of the agency and the feedback process / cycle
  • Define staff responsibilities in measurable terms, describing the results and the behaviours that are
    expected from individuals
  • Understand the importance of credibility in giving feedback, and engaging staff in a manner that
    results in commitment, motivation and ownership
  • Identify the metrics that can be used to measure and monitor staff performance
  • Structure and deliver feedback effectively, including having honest conversations about the standard and or quality of outcomes understanding a manager’s and employee’s responsibilities for feedback
  • Recognise and avoid common traps and challenges in providing feedback and consider tips and
    techniques to handle difficult conversations. 
Pre Course Requirement

In preparation for this course please familiarise yourself with the following documentation:

Employment Instruction 3 (Natural Justice)
Employment Instruction 4 (Performance Management)
Employment Instruction 9 (Employment Records)
Employment Instruction 12 (Code of Conduct)
Employment Instruction 13 (Appropriate Workplace Behaviour)
A Guide to Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback
Capability Leadership Framework relevant to your current level.
Your Agencies Performance Management templates and guidelines.
Selection Criteria This program is recommended for supervisors and managers (AO5 and above, including equivalent designations) who are responsible for providing effective performance management; including those seeking development and succession planning opportunities. If you have extensive experience in managing people, note that this is an introductory program and that it may be used as a refresher or introduction to managing performance in the NTPS. 
Nominations Program Selection Nomination forms are available from your agency Human Resource &/or Learning & Development contact officer. 
Agencies are to nominate candidates in priority order prior to submission to OCPE.

Last updated: 31 January 2018

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