Practical public policy design

This program is contextualised to the NTPS and builds on the Machinery of Government (MOG) program. Where MoG introduces participants to the government environment, the requirements of public sector governance, the role of a Northern Territory public servant and how to best deliver public value, Practical Public Policy Design in the NTPS builds on this knowledge further to enhance individuals ability to develop policy that is clearly defined, coherent, and practical to implement.

Using an Australian Policy Cycle model to apply systems thinking to policy development, participants will:

  • explore best practice approaches to policy issue analysis; evidence based development, and the inter-relatedness of policy instruments;
  • consider techniques for effective stakeholder engagement; policy implementation and the importance of continuous improvement and evaluation processes; and
  • investigate and focus on developing robust policy in a highly contestable public sector environment and in times of fiscal austerity.

The theory of this program is supported by real life examples from the NTPS.

By the end of this program participants will be able to:

  • differentiate between categories of public policy apply systems thinking to policy development
  • understand the importance of targeted, evidence based policy analysis
  • identify effective strategies for developing policy in a highly contestable public sector environment
  • describe the stages of the Althaus et al policy development cycle
  • apply appropriate strategies at each stage of the policy development cycle.

Selection Criteria

It is strongly recommended that Machinery of Government (MoG), be completed as a pre-requisite to this program.

Available to those new to the public service, new to writing public policy or who aim to consolidate their knowledge in public policy writing will benefit from the program.


Program Selection Nomination forms are available from your agency Human Resource &/or Learning & Development contact officer.

Agencies are to nominate candidates in priority order prior to submission to OCPE.

Last updated: 13 August 2019

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