Just-in-time and online learning

COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions mean that traditional, face-to-face training options will not be available over the coming months. But that doesn’t mean you should stop your professional development and learning.

COVID-19 disruption has brought many challenges to the public sector. The way we work has changed and we’ve had to quickly adapt to a very different work environment.

More people are now working from home, which requires a new way of thinking and operating. For many, this process has uncovered the need to develop a range of new knowledge and skill sets.

Accessing training as we previously knew it for now and the foreseeable future, is impacted due to physical distancing restrictions.

The good news is that training providers are rapidly moving their face-to-face training to virtual and online delivery.

You can use technology to access training anytime, anywhere – it’s that easy.

Here are just some of the virtual and online learning resources that are available for you to access today.

Massive Open Online Courses

A great option for online, self-paced learning and development are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the Good Universities Guide website.

MOOCs are used for a variety of reasons, including career development, changing careers, supplemental learning, and lifelong learning and are available for anyone to enrol.

Provided by recognisable institutions like Harvard University, Stanford University, Monash University and Open University Australia – courses are pre-recorded videos that are streamed by users.

The biggest drawcard of the MOOCs is that they are free however many MOOC providers do charge a fee if you want your achievements officially recognised with a certificate of completion.

MOOCs provide an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, advance your career and deliver quality educational experiences at scale.

For more information on MOOCs, go to the:

Virtual classrooms and webinars

Both virtual classrooms and webinars are delivered live in real time using learning management systems or webinar technology like WebEx, Microsoft Teams and Skype for business.

OCPE are currently working with training providers on course offerings that can be delivered in this format.

The following are just some providers of virtual training that may interest you:

  • Public Sector Network – a social enterprise that connects government around the globe
  • AIM – a broad range of short courses in:
    • leadership and management
    • communication
    • finance
    • health and wellness
    • personal and professional development
    • project management
    • public sector
    • human resources.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a great just-in-time online educational platform for learners to develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos.

Go to the LinkedIn website for individual and team pricing plans.

Free courses

You can learn to be a customer service specialist on LinkedIn Learning for free.

To support organisations during this challenging time of COVID-19, LinkedIn Learning has also made the following courses available for free or accessible on a free 1-month trail.

These courses cover how to be productive, engaged and stay connected when working from home or other remote environments.

Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success:

Courses to Help You Build Resilience in Challenging Times:

Courses to Help Leaders Clearly Communicate and Influence Positive Change in Times of Crisis:

Last updated: 11 March 2022

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