Compassion for customers

Perrine Orlandini, Sarah Roberts and Kassandra Hall

Jacana Energy's customer focus was thrown into the spotlight during COVID-19, with a range of relief packages and hardship management tools on offer.

Communicating those measures to customers in a clear and compassionate way was overseen by Marketing and Communications Manager Perrine Orlandini.

Having joined Jacana Energy soon after its inception, Perrine has become a role model at Jacana Energy – especially when it came to communicating with vulnerable customers during COVID-19 about the range of payment plans, home energy efficiency and other tools available to help them manage their costs.

"My team worked to educate customers in an empathetic manner and create engaging content that would be easy to find and simple to access," Perrine said.

"Our approach has been on acknowledging the hardship, providing simple and clear advice, and offering assistance in a respectful way."

The team rewrote all customer correspondence to reflect a softer, more empathetic approach.

"A personal highlight for me was touching feedback from a customer who wrote to us saying that he appreciated the change in the correspondence style and acknowledged that whoever had written it had put a lot of time and effort to understand what people are experiencing," she said.

"To receive such positive feedback on an area that we had put a lot of effort in was very rewarding."

Perrine said a clear positive from COVID-19 was Jacana Energy's heightened commitment to assisting customers, particularly vulnerable customers.

"This was always there but the pandemic has brought it to a complete new level," she said.

"Putting ourselves in the place of the customer so we could understand what they felt, wanted and needed during these stressful times was essential to what my team achieved.

"It helped us find the best approach and solutions to help."

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Last updated: 23 June 2020

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