Four jobs in one

Kathleen Skandaliaris

Handling the role of executive assistant to three executive directors in addition to working as a business manager was all in a day's work for Kathleen Skandaliaris.

An Executive Officer for Hayley Richards, Executive Director of Commercial Facilitation in DTBI, Kathleen has just joined the Grants team for a temporary six month promotion.

Kathleen said she was always up for a challenge but the surge during COVID-19 and increased responsibilities meant that her confidence increased.

Another positive was the strengthened sense of being in a team.

"COVID-19 unintentionally increased team bonding at a rate not usually possible," she said.

"This has been a huge positive. People that hadn't really worked together much in the past, now have got to know each other and can ultimately help each other out.

"Even with less staff, the team managed and adapted well to the increased workload."

Kathleen said it was important to acknowledge both the people who left the team to assist in other surge requirements and those who stayed to hold the fort up.

"Public servants do a lot of great work and often working lots of overtime," she said.

"Staff are coming in early and working late to get the job done."

Last updated: 06 August 2020

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