Granting wishes during tough times

James Buckley

As part of the DTBI Jobs Rescue and Recovery Plan team, James Buckley has made a real difference for many Territory organisations, not least of which is Keringke Arts in the central desert area. Keringke Arts manager Bryce Hartnett singled James out for special praise when emailing his thanks to the team recently.

“Everyone here at Keringke Arts would like to say Thank You Very Much for approving our application,” Bryce wrote. “It really means a lot to a small art centre like Keringke. Thank you especially to James for all the extra assistance you gave us.”

James was seconded from DLGHCD, where his usual role is procurement advisor.

The Jobs Rescue and Recovery Plan team was stood up to assist the Grants and Business Performance unit to implement the numerous stimulus programs associated with the NT Government’s COVID-19 response.

“So far this has mainly involved the assessment of grant applications for the Immediate Works Grant (charity and not-for-profit sector), and Business Improvement Grant (Territory enterprise) initiatives,” James said. “I’m proud of being part of the NT Government’s solution to keep trades people and businesses afloat throughout the extremely tough times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Overall, it’s been a positive experience: “I’ve learned that I can thrive on new and significant challenges, especially when they bring about meaningful change for the community,” James said.

“Some positives which have come out of the current situation is that I’ve gained new skills relating to grants administration, and created new professional relationships with a wide range of staff from a mix of agencies which I’d not have had the opportunity to develop during the normal course of events.”

James Buckley

Last updated: 09 July 2020

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