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DCIS COVID-19 Data Compliance Team 1

Samantha Hunter, Hayley Casey, Orin Williamson, Tianhe Munn, Rebecca Mayo, Jaime Murphy and Jonathan Isaias Grandez

The DCIS COVID-19 Data Compliance Team has had a key role in keeping Territorians safe through data entry, record keeping, data quality assurance and reporting – but it’s about more than just number-crunching.

Samantha Hunter and the team worked long and hard hours, nights, weekends and for weeks without any days off.

One new team member, Jonathan Grandez, had the job of capturing data from designated area and border arrival forms, entering it into the database and liaising with the Australian Federal Police in Alice Springs about handover of border arrival forms – then following up regarding travellers entering the NT via Alice Springs.

He said he never thought he’d be so involved in almost daily communications with the AFP.

“From officers on shift to officers in charge of operations in our area, the forced interaction with members of the AFP has been a great for my self-confidence and helped me grow in my communication skills,” he said.

“I’m proud of myself for learning I’m capable of communicating with an important agency like the AFP effectively.”

He also had praise for his boss: “I give so much credit to my boss Samantha Hunter (up in Darwin, we’ve never physically met!). I consider myself a small cog in the machine but she always had time to respond to me and my questions, which in turn helped me do my job more effectively. If that isn’t efficiency then I don’t know what is!”

Like Jonathon, team member Orin Williamson was impressed by the attitude of Territorians during COVID-19.

“Territorians have complied with the regulations in place better than I thought they would,” she said.

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Last updated: 01 July 2020

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