Making information digestible

Laura Dunn

Sharing information so Territory Generation’s 200 employees know what to do – including how to do it and what not to do – is a big job.

But for Laura Dunn, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Communications Officer of Territory Generation, this was all in a day's work.

Laura manages all COVID-19 communications across T-Gen, requiring her to sift through a huge volume of information and make it digestible for staff.

She said she was proud of the way the whole team pulled together.

"We provide such an essential service to the community," she said. "People really put that at the forefront of their work, actions and behaviour. No one complained, everyone turned up every day and did what they had to do."

It also required some thinking outside the box.

"From a comms perspective, we put together an intranet page which wasn't something we had done previously for an event like this," Laura said.

"It was a bit of a departure from normal business. Things were changing so quickly and it had become really difficult to keep staff up to speed. It is definitely a practice the business will continue to use in the future."

Laura was also impressed by the way the community came together – "something as simple as a paying it forward takeaway coffee from a local coffee shop for someone that may have been affected by COVID and lost their job or in hardship due to the pandemic. It brought people together and it really helped people to look for out for each other in the community and simple ways to support each other."

Laura Dunn - Territory Generation

Last updated: 20 August 2020

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