Public service with a passion

Leah Boyd

After joining the public service in late March 2020, Leah Boyd found herself in a role she hadn't applied for, finding qualities she hadn't anticipated.

"I was recruited to a position I never actually performed in due to COVID-19," she said. "I started the week we all found out about closures and restrictions. I went straight into a COVID support role, which assisted me in securing a role as Grants Advisor that I have started."

A normal day for Leah was liaising with local businesses that import and export, letting them know about the possible government support that they might be eligible for.

"I would always have a chat in general asking how people are going," she said.

"I received very positive feedback. It was an experience I would happily do again just to be letting these businesses know how they can be supported."

Leah said she was pleased to see people just drop what they were doing, no matter what their position was, to do whatever they had to do.

"It made me feel proud as a new public servant, it made me feel proud as a Territorian, it just made me feel proud as in individual," she said.

"I have learnt how passionate I am and how passionate I am about the NT. I have really learnt how good I am with dealing at people – I have been in customer service roles prior to this, but this was a completely different type of customer service."

Leah Boyd - service with a passion

Last updated: 20 August 2020

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