Putting the pieces together

Renee Tennent

Territory businesses had quick access to a useful Business Health Checks Tool and a range of support programs thanks in part to the work of DTBI's Renee Tennent.

As Aboriginal Contracting Framework Manager (now the Commercial Facilitation Manager, Major Projects and Minerals), Renee was instrumental in bringing together the Chamber of Commerce NT, Business Enterprise Centre, regional economic representatives and 'The Big Four' accounting firms:

  • Deloitte
  • Ernst and Young
  • KPMG and
  • PWC Indigenous Consulting.

Renee said the project needed people living in the Territory, who understood rapid response requirements and business in the NT.

"We needed businesses with resources that were already looking at the pandemic and who had a good understanding of it," Renee said.

"PWC Indigenous Consulting gave an extra perspective, being that of Aboriginal Territorians, and also brought in people from the regions so that it wasn't just Darwin-centric.

"We also had Nicole Walsh who is based in Alice Springs from the Chamber of Commerce, so we had that private business perspective, and the Business Enterprise Centre who were already working with DTBI running a hotline to engage with the businesses."

Renee said she was impressed that people who would normally be in strong competition with each other put this aside.

"All gave so much of their time and put in a lot of extra work for free – Territorians helping Territorians," she said.

The Business Health Checks Tool and support programs started as a round-table discussion.

"Then we went out to people and asked what have we got that's existing, because we don't have time to re-invent the wheel," Renee said.

"This program was unusual and not how NT Government normally is enabled to operate, but we created some really good relationships, including intra-business."

Renee Tennent

Last updated: 17 August 2020

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