Team spirit underpins wellbeing

Jon Watkins

During the COVID-19 crisis, Youth Justice Officer Jon Watkins and his fellow outreach officers supported young people and contributed to their successful return to country. Their willingness to do things differently and shift work flexibly meant they could problem-solve and get the best outcomes.

Jon’s work included making calls to those in quarantine daily, checking on individuals’ wellbeing in isolation, working alongside Border Security to supervise incoming arrivals and escorting people to hotels or accommodation. He and his colleagues also did biosecurity, welfare and wellbeing checks for those moving from remote Aboriginal communities into Darwin to stay with family members.

He said he was proud to witness people’s resilience.

“Most members of the public and all staff were understanding of the circumstances, polite and courteous,” Jon said. “I’m proud of those I worked with during this time and the way they ALL were constantly having to learn new ways to do things, particularly in the early days as information was changing frequently and had to be adapted to on the fly.”

Jon enjoyed interacting with a range of people including those from other Territory Family work units.

“Ninety per cent of people I interacted with were incredibly thankful and understanding,” he said. “Public servants I worked with who were bought in from various work units did an amazing job in coming together to focus on the same goal.

“There was an amazing team spirit; we really were ‘All in this together’. I have a renewed respect for those in customer service or face to face roles!”

Last updated: 01 July 2020

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