Thousands receive a helping hand

Bardia Bodaghi, Nick Mavros, Evan Tyrrell and Gina Cassimatis

Senior Director Grants and Business Performance Bardia Bodaghi and his team developed and rolled out millions of dollars' worth of stimulus programs to support Territory businesses and jobs – and they did it fast.

The programs included the Small Business Survival Fund (budget $50 million), Home Improvement Scheme ($30 million initially, now $103 million), Business Improvement Grants ($20 million), and Immediate Work Grants ($5 million). There was also the Business Hardship Register allowing approved applicants to seek relief from charges such as payroll tax, utilities and rates, the Home and Business Battery Scheme and existing programs such as Biz Secure and the First Home Buyer Home Renovation Grant.

DTBI received almost 27,000 applications.

"To achieve this, we were able to rely on fantastic goodwill from agencies across the public service, who loaned DTBI a range of staff members that were incorporated in the existing team and trained to assist with administering applications," Bardia said.

"Our team went from 13 to 75 within a matter of a couple of weeks."

Team members, wherever they came from, embraced the work and got on with the job.

"We have also been blown away by the level of empathy shown for fellow Territorians who have not been as lucky as we have been throughout this period," he said.

The team has learned that, even operating in a highly process-oriented environment, leaving some room for 'creative chaos' allows for individuals' and teams' contributions to be incorporated, which then makes everything run better.

"Team members with the right attitude and work ethic have been shining, regardless of their level," Bardia said.

Thousands receive a helping hand – Bardia Bodaghi

Last updated: 06 August 2020

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