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DCIS COVID-19 Data Compliance Team 2

Grace Waugh, Stacey Lynch, Hannah Garland, Miranda Exner, Monique Keeney, Elizabeth Rizzotto, Kaliope Loder, Sarah Roche, Brooke Keogh, Donzilia Simoes, Imran North, Lydia Szczyglowski and Timika King

The work of the DCIS COVID 19 data compliance team may not sound glamourous, but their work has been vitally important.

As Director Program Governance managing the program governance for all ICT projects, Grace Waugh was responsible for providing staff to assist in entering all border arrivals and designated area arrivals into a database. She said she was particularly proud of the way her normal team put in their all to help the team knowing the work in their normal jobs would be mounting up, then the support of other team members to pick up the remaining work.

It’s been a learning experience for her: “[I’ve learned] that I actually do like coffee and it gets me through the long days!,” she said. “I am now an expert in deciphering hand writing and have a new found respect for data entry officers.  I will also pay a lot more attention to every form I have to complete in the future!” For Imran North, a project coordinator, a crucial part of his role was ensuring accurate data was captured. He was also a part of a team looking to improve the transition in and out of the red zone inside Royal Darwin Hospital.

“I have been most proud of the team who have worked tirelessly conducting long days and working together to ensure the information we are placing into the system is accurate,” he said.

Team administrator Timika King has also learned about the importance of accurate information: “I will never fill a form out like some of those I saw, I promise! I will 100% accurately fill all aspects of any form I do, and in block letters so it’s easier on data entry staff!”

Timika feels she has contributed to something that benefitted the NT. “I’m really proud of the team but especially Sam [Hunter]; she has pushed through every hurdle and done so very well.”

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Last updated: 17 August 2020

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