Jacqui Hatzivalsamis

Department of Tourism Sport and Culture

I started in February 1983, and spent 1983-1987 with Northern Territory Library and Information Service.

Department of Law Library 1987-1989.

Supreme Court Library 1989.

Department of Treasury Library 1989-1999, Department of Mines Library 1992.

Planning and Development Library 1999-2000.

Northern Territory Library Service 2000.

Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries 2000-2004.

Northern Territory Library 2004-2018.

Library & Archives NT 2018 to present.

I started in Libraries when there was still card catalogues, film, and was present for the introduction of VHS, floppy discs, cd-rom, DVD. Now in my present position with Digital Collection, Collection Management Team, NTAC, Millner June 2020, I work with Territory Stories and National eDeposit.

So, now working with mp3, and electronic documents and digital capturing.