Kayleen Price

Department of Education

I first started with the Department of Education 32 years ago. I was a relief preschool assistant going around different Darwin preschools. I then had set contracts at preschools and admin officers.

I received permanency with the department and started at Karama Preschool (8 years), then to Alawa Primary School (21 years) managing the Library and IT. My best years. I loved this age group, as you saw them as 4 year olds and growing up to 11 year olds. I loved reading to these students, and they gave me so much back. I left Alawa in April 2019, and had the rest of the year off.

I am now at Darwin High School, Front Office. What an exciting and amazing ride with the Education Department.

I have started at preschool, primary and now high school - feels like graduation.

I still have to try middle school to complete my years of schooling.

Being involved in schools for all my working life, I feel very excited for our next generation to find their way and to make sure I grow old and in safe hands.

Kayleen Price
Kayleen Price