Marianne Haverkort

Department of Health

I arrived in Darwin February 1987 with my husband, one cat, and 2 dogs.

I Commenced pool RDH, then SCN in 1987-1988.

Worked Neonatal intensive Care Maternity 1988-1989.

Antenatal and postnatal care Berrimah Community Health Centre 1989-1991.

From 1992-2019 I worked as School Health, primary Health Care, baby clinic Karama Berrimah Gaol Gunn point prison farm visits Palmerston Community Care centre.

In 2019 Primary Health Care, postnatal care, HITH, Palliative Care, and community baby drop in clinics.

Domiciliary visits to outer rural area building partnerships between clients and other stakeholders such as Education department ANFPP.

Wadeye 2019-present as a Nurse Home Visitor working with local Family Partnership Workers, supporting young first time Aboriginal mothers through pregnancy, birth, and up until baby’s second birthday.

The Territory is a unique workplace with a multitude of opportunities to seize your direction in Nursing. I have worked in many teams and made lifelong friendships along the way.

I have had my own babies along with my peers, and benefitted from the support and love along the way. My present position is the culmination of my brilliant nursing career.