Vicki Simlesa

Department of Primary Industry and Resources

I have worked in many sections at Berrimah Farm including veterinary laboratories, weeds section, livestock biosecurity, animal welfare and plant biosecurity.

I have also participated in many biosecurity responses in the NT and interstate including Papaya Fruit Fly, Equine Influenza, Myrtle Rust, Banana Freckle, Green Cucumber Mottle Mosaic Virus, Asian Honey bee, American Foulbrood, Browsing ant and Citrus Canker.

As apiary officer for the Department along with NT beekeeping industry won the Augural annual biosecurity award in Canberra in 2018 for the strong biosecurity that the beekeepers employ in the NT to protect the health of the bee industry.

I am currently the technical officer for the crocodile industry, I am apiary officer and I have train the trainer qualifications to deliver training in working in a biosecurity emergency response for departmental staff.