Steven Perry

Territory Generation

My name is Steve Perry, I have been working at Channel Island Power Station since August 1990.

The first 9 years of my career I worked as a Fitter and Turner tradesman, which also included working up in the Workshop supervisor’s role when required. From there I was offered an opportunity to step into the Operations team, and after 2 years training to achieve the required High Risk Licenses, and training to operate the Power Stations many complex systems I went onto a 12 hour roster operating the power station.

After 2 years operating I was approached by Senior Management and offered a role as the Operations Supervisor. After consulting my family and some senior power station staff, I accepted the role. For the last 19 years I have been the direct report for the CIPS Operating team, and involved in every aspect of operating, maintaining and commissioning of Power Generation plant, both at CIPS and Weddell Power Station. During this time I have developed strong relationships with the team at Hudson Creek System Control, both to schedule hundreds of planned and forced outages and also taking the lead at the Power Station through a few System Black events.

My role has changed significantly over the years, but in all that time my main focus has been to keep the lights, fans, fridges and air conditioners of Top Enders going.