Chris Pilkington

Department of Corporate and Digital Development

I came to Darwin from Perth, Western Australia with my husband arriving in the Territory on New Year’s Day 1981.

I first began in the NTG as an Admin assistant working for the Department of Treasury situated in Block 1 from August 1981 to April 1983. Our division was known as ADP - Automatic Data Processing. I found it extremely exciting to work on a mainframe computer 3270 terminal, it was certainly an upgrade from a typewriter.

I commenced maternity leave in 1983 before returning in 1985. I took up a temporary position as the ATMS/STAIRS Administrator for NCOM Services.

In 1989 I won a position as the Security Officer Assistant for RACF - Resource Access Control Facility. Working on the RSUP project converting Agencies from one single RACF group into RACF functional groups from September 1989 to March 1992.

I went from being the Admin assistant to the RACF Security Administrator for Data Centre Services, leading a small team. With evolving times and technology in 2007 we became the DCS Service Desk supporting ePASS the electronic passport system and RACF.

In 2016 I wanted a change and decided to give Procurement and Contracts a go. I was successful in attaining my CERT IV in Procurement and Contracting Certificate. I returned to my RACF support role this was my forte, I really enjoyed it. I have assisted many clients for the last 38 years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the NT Government which include working in ADP, ISD, NCOM, DCAT, DBE, DCIS and DCDD.

Christine Pilkington
Christine Pilkington