Ian Ross

Department of Health

Started with the Biomedical Engineering Branch, Alice Springs working with 2 other Technicians. Work was very interesting as we looked after early type X-ray imaging equipment and Hospital based Medical equipment like early model infusion pumps, Patient monitoring systems and Laboratory equipment.

Work was interesting and challenging as the early electronics were prone to failure and component level diagnosis and repair was necessary. Interesting jobs would show up like infusion pumps burnt out after going in the shower with patients to Mouse intrusion inside the high voltage sections of X-ray imaging control gear.

There were no computer based equipment back then. I was also involved with helping to setup and maintain the first Dialysis unit in Alice, 6 Dialysis machines on the floor and its incredible how things have developed since!

I am now working with Oral Health looking after the Dental clinics throughout central Australia, love the work especially travelling to remote clinics on maintenance trips as I love the Red centre and also get the opportunity to take photographs of the landscape along the way.