Tania Nicholls

Department of Education

My name is Tania Nicholls and I was born in Darwin. My husband, children and most grandchildren were also born here. Family is important to us, and I love that the NT has given my family a connection that is constant.

In 1978 I started at the Old Darwin Hospital as a Pharmacy Assistant and Medical Records Clerk. During 1981 I went to Department of Lands, working in areas such as Building Board, Palmerston Development Authority and Aboriginal Land Excisions. Needing a change, I studied at CDU and in 1995 began teaching at Karama Primary School, meeting amazing teachers, admin staff and students.

In 2003 I went to Student Services furthering knowledge, forming friendships and professional connections. 2007 I worked in a parenting research program with CDU and began as the Teacher in the Hospital School in 2008.

A highlight is the Health, Education, Learning and Parent Alliance (HELP). In 2009 a collaboration between HELP and Ronald McDonald Learning Program developed into a conference and a group dedicated to advance how we teach acutely ill students. As a foundation member I saw us grow Australia wide. The Hospital School is now acknowledged across many institutions through this group.

I feel privileged to have had a diverse career that has been a positive learning pathway, guiding me to the position I now hold as the Teacher at Royal Darwin Hospital School.

With a focus on continuation of learning for staff and students my goal is to complete my Play Therapy course.

Tania Nicholls
Tania Nicholls