Leave entitlements and options

There are a number of different leave entitlements and options available to NTPS employees depending on the applicable enterprise agreement or Commissioner’s Determination.

Recreation leave

Most employees in the NTPS are entitled to 6 weeks recreation leave per year. Paid recreation leave accrues progressively during a year of service according to the employee’s ordinary hours of work. A part-time employee accrues recreation leave on a pro rata basis. Seven day shift workers accrue additional recreation leave for working Sundays during the year. An employee must apply in writing to take his/her accrued recreation leave.

Recreation leave at half pay

Where permitted under the relevant enterprise agreement, an employee can apply to take his/her recreation leave at half pay in order to double the length of time off under the following conditions:

  • you have CEO/delegate approval - your agency has the right to refuse your request
  • it is for more than one week
  • you understand it cannot be applied to any leave that you may have purchased.

Read the Commissioner’s information sheet - Recreation leave at half pay (44.2 kb) for more information.

Recreation leave loading

If permitted under the relevant enterprise agreement, an employee is entitled to recreation leave loading of 17.5 percent of their recreation leave entitlement, up to a maximum payment set by the Commissioner for Public Employment.

To receive the leave loading an employee must take at least one week of recreation leave.

Personal leave

NTPS employees are entitled to three weeks paid personal leave per year.  Personal leave can used because the employee is not fit for work because of a personal illness or personal injury affecting the employee (sick leave), or to provide care or support to a member of the employee’s immediate family or household who requires such care or support because of:

  • a personal illness or personal injury affecting the member; or
  • an unexpected emergency affecting the member.

To be eligible for personal leave an employee must give the required notice (e.g. by contacting employee’s supervisor as soon as reasonably practicable to do so) and provide evidence (e.g. medical certificate) as required by the relevant enterprise agreement or Commissioner's Determination.

For more information see the relevant enterprise agreement.

Long service leave

Employees are entitled to paid long service leave of three calendar months* after completing 10 years of continuous service.

Employees can also have an additional three tenths of a month on completion of each subsequent year of continuous service.

An employee is required to use a long service leave entitlement within three years of accruing the 10 year entitlement. Similar conditions apply to long service leave accrued after the 10th year up to the 20th year of employment.

Long service leave may be granted in months and tenths of a month provided that an employee will not be granted a period of leave of less than seven calendar days. Long service leave may be granted on full pay, half pay or double pay.

For more information see By-law 8 PDF (157.0 KB).

(*Firefighters and Correctional Officers are entitled to four calendar months after 10 years service).

Parental leave

NTPS parental leave entitlements cover maternity, paternity/partner and adoption leave purposes.

Depending on an employee’s years of continuous service and the type of leave required, an employee may be able to access:

  • for employees with less than 12 months continuous service and eligible casual employees - up to 12 months unpaid leave;
  • for employees with at least 12 months continuous service but less than 5 years service -  up to 3 years which includes a paid component of 14 weeks; or
  • for employees with 5 or more years service -  up to 3 years which includes a paid component of 18 weeks.

Other parental leave entitlements include:

  • Up to 8 weeks of paternity/partner leave (unpaid for employees with less than 12 months service; one week paid for employees with at least 12 months service, and two weeks paid for employees with 5 or more years).
  • 2 days unpaid pre-adoption leave to attend interviews prior to adoption.
  • Subject to certain conditions and eligibility requirements, the ability for a NTPS employee couple to combine their paid and unpaid parental leave entitlements.

Purchased leave

Purchased leave allows an employee to pay for an additional period of leave (up to a maximum of six weeks per year) through regular deductions from an employee’s fortnightly salary.

To be eligible to participate in a purchased leave scheme, an employee must:

  • have the option of entering into a purchased leave scheme under their applicable enterprise agreement;
  • have completed 12 months continuous service; and
  • have CEO approval.

For more information on purchased leave schemes refer to current enterprise agreements and/or contact the your agency human resource unit.

Other types of leave 

There are other forms of leave available to employees in the NTPS such as defence service leave and jury service. Refer to the By-laws for more information.

Last updated: 23 November 2016

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