Employment law

  • Public Sector Employment and Management Act and Regulations (PSEMA)
    The Act is for the regulation of the public service and the human resource administration and management of other agencies established for government or public purposes, and for related purposes.
  • By-laws
    The By-laws apply to NTPS employees subject to any applicable enterprise agreement or Commissioner’s Determination that also governs an employee’s terms and conditions of employment.
  • Determinations
    Public sector determinations are issued by the Commissioner and may include matters that apply generally to all employees, to a specific class of employees or to an individual employee.
  • Employment instructions
    Employment Instructions (EIs) contain gazetted rules relating to how public sector employees are to be managed as well as how public sector employees are required to behave.
  • Public sector instruments
    View the public sector instruments that have been issued which apply across the public sector, however a number of agency-specific instruments also exist.
  • Fair Work Act
    The Fair Work Act governs all national system employers and employees, including the Commissioner for Public Employment and NTPS employees.
  • Other legislation
    Other Commonwealth and Northern Territory legislation applicable to NTPS employment.

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